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About Us

My name is Afton. I began creating Stellar Stones Jewelry in 2020 right here in Arizona, with hopes of providing myself with a creative outlet. I went on to learn how to handcraft jewelry and truly enjoyed creating beautiful, simple, everyday pieces. Inspired by real-life and raw emotions, designs and ideas came naturally, and I'm so thrilled to share them with you!

Most Jewelry brands claim to be 'more than jewelry.' Truth be told, jewelry is just jewelry—a fashion piece. The thing is, stellar stones actually is! A brand that is based on emotions, nature, & the realities of the human experience. The Negatives and positives equally. However a piece connects with you; own it. The meaning, emotions, and purpose behind what you are drawn to should be expressed and cherished.

Stellar Stones is more than jewelry. We are striving to actually connect with others and try to understand and appreciate everybody's experience and perception. To find the beauty of whatever we are experiencing now. To appreciate dark clouds and deep waters just as much as we find beauty in bright yellow flowers and warm sunny days. I hope you find purpose in the piece you choose to wear and give it meaning. Feel genuinely yourself when you put it on & have it serve as a reminder to see the good.

I promise to work towards consistently improving and always offering simply stellar designs. 💛


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