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Ronnie Meaning "Mountain of Strength"

Our Ronnie Stacking Ring is a perfect jewelry design on all levels. It is deeply meaningful to me as a jewelry designer and mental health advocate. It represents strength to me and the purpose behind moving forward in hardship. Just as this piece represents strength it symbolizes beauty just as much. Ronnie will encourage you to look for beauty in everything. It has the incredibly alluring soft blue opal as the focal point, and a soft golden base. The blue opal has a color shifting element, and reflects shades of red, gold, green and blue. This ring is an everyday essential and is comfortable and durable. Handmade with completely gold filled materials, it is safe for sensitive skin and will last a lifetime. Ronnie is meant to be worn with purpose and positivity, making it a special and rare gift choice, Ronnie will be treasured by loved ones and friends. 

Gold Filled - 6mm Opal - Stacking Ring - Handmade To Order

+ Hypoallergenic

+ Tarnish Free, No Fade

+ Color Shifting Blue Opal

+ Comfortable & Durable

+ Great Gift